About me


I sincerely believe that every photo-shoot should be productive while being fun and I never ask anyone to do anything I wouldn’t do personally.  I strive to bring out the personality and beauty of the individual making the shots purely unique to the person. This style of photography forms a partnership allowing the individual to better shape the photographic process thus enhancing the final outcome.  I freely ask for ideas and encourage constructive criticism and direction.  I don’t believe in using pre-determined cookie-sheet style photo shoots or poses where a model is put through a process.


I am an experienced, dependable, friendly, professional photographer with many years experience in a wide variety of settings. I have worked with hundreds of individuals and groups in a wide variety of settings from professional fashion models to amateurs. I have been involved with photography in a wide variety of positions so I have a wide range of experience base to be able to pull from to capture the individual as they are rather than how I see them. I am easy going, respectful and I have a great sense of humor. I work hard to make every shoot an individual experience not just another setting. I have been told that this attention to detail and extra effort is evident in my portfolio.


  • Fashion Photographer for a nationally renowned Fashion Agency (1981-1985)
  • Glamour, portraiture, weddings, digital image enhancement, human interest
  • Photojournalist (military)
  • Medical/Medical Media, Darkroom Specialist, Research new process/films/techniques (military)
  • Public Relations Photographer. Aerial reconnaissance (military)
  • Aerial Photo Interpretation (military)


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